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What materials do you use?
I mainly use acrylic yarn: a super soft, hypoallergenic, synthetic fiber. Buttons are made of wood, and pompoms are real fur. I also offer synthetic fur pompoms on request.

What size should I choose?
You’ll find our size chart here. It’s important to measure the head circumference and not rely only on age. It’s possible for an adult to have a head circumference of 54 cm, which corresponds to size 6-10 years in the chart. That’s normal because each head is unique. Do plan for a larger size if you tie your hair up (it takes up space!) or if you wear glasses.

How much do the hat and cowl grow with wear?

When you receive the hat, it will feel a bit tight on your head. It will get 1 cm to 2 cm bigger with wear.

How do I care for my hat?

Our pompoms are installed on our hats with snap buttons. You can remove them by pulling gently. Machine wash the hat in a net (after removing pompom), on the delicate cycle, and leave to air dry. While we use synthetic yarn that will not shrink, the heat will cause the fibers to deteriorate prematurely.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping cost depends on the region we are shipping to.

Canada: $11.50
United States: $11.99
Europe: $29.99

What are your processing times?

Supplies & yarn: 3-5 working days (Canada)
Ready-to-wear: 10-15 days
Patterns: sent immediately by e-mail and available in your account.